Woodwick Candle Fundraiser For Schools

Using a wood wick candle as part of your fundraising campaign for schools is an interesting idea. However, it is very dependent on how well you advertise your event. You can use word of mouth, internet advertising, television advertising, or any other form of advertisement. But what works best when it comes to a candle fundraiser for schools? Candle sales usually do better at holidays, sporting events, and holiday themes.

Woodwick Candle Fundraiser

So, what makes a good idea for a woodwick candle fundraiser for schools? The reason is that many people like to bring their children to school during the winter, or when they have field trips. In addition, there are usually plenty of tables set up in the school parking lot, or in front of the school during after-school sports events. These are prime locations to place these candles.

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After the holidays, parents are often looking for inexpensive ways to provide their children with inexpensive gifts. They will often turn to local craft shows, which usually have woodwick candles available. There are even some craft stores that have these products available for purchase.

If you have a website, you may be able to offer discounts on your woodwick candles or you can put a small order out and have the customers choose their own gift mason jar candle fundraiser. This makes it very personal as well as a very affordable way for students to receive gifts during the holiday season.

If you want to arrange a woodwick candle fundraiser for schools, you need to make sure that you get the word out about this event. One way to do this is to hold a contest for the best design. Then, you can have contests for the best color, shape, and size as well. Some people plan to place their order with a wholesaler so that the candles are large enough and have enough fragrance for all of the kids in the class to enjoy. Others plan to buy in bulk so that they can burn the candle on their own and give the class a chance to burn their own candles.

You should contact a few local companies to see what type of woodwick candle fundraiser for schools you can run. You should ask them for sample designs to use, which you can then have made and sell to the students for their class. If you have some older students in your classroom who are not familiar with how to make these candles, you can show them the samples at the end of the fundraiser.

If you want to put together a smaller unit that you can give away as a fundraiser, you can have your local pizza shop make them and have them sold for the duration of the fundraiser. They may also want to take care of placing your logo on their pizza boxes to ensure that you receive a percentage of the sales.

Woodwick candle fundraisers for schools are a fun way for you to get your name out into the community and meet new people who could potentially become customers down the road. There is also the added bonus of being able to help out your local school. These products are usually very in demand, especially by the older students, so you will be helping them out tremendously in generating money for the school. If you would like to take this further, you can take some of the same ideas and turn them into a business that your startup full time. The sky is the limit!

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