Which Medical Alarm System Should I Buy For My Home?

Which company is better at providing Life Alert or Medical Alert services? That’s a question many people may be asking who are in need of either one of the two services. Both companies offer 24 hour emergency call monitoring and response, but there s little in common between the two services.

Which Medical Alarm System

Life Alert is an independently owned medical alert company that sells medical alert systems, while GreatCall is also a subsidiary of Best Buy, which specializes in wireless phone communication services for seniors. Both companies have trained staff on the call to answer your questions and concerns about your senior lifestyle, and both provide advanced voice detection technologies for your home.

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When it comes to senior home protection, both companies have several different options for you to choose from best medical alert systems. One of the primary differences in the implementation of a pendant alarm system. Medical alert companies have long been using pendant devices to alert elderly family members of a medical emergency. Pendants can be worn on your necklace or around your neck or hung like a necklace from a bracelet. Some devices are designed specifically to be worn on the wrist, which makes them more discreet and easier to activate when needed.

Another option both Life Alert and GreatCall offer are the use of a medical alert system monitored by a monitoring center. With a monitoring center, the elderly and senior family members have access to a specially trained representative who will call their home at the prearranged time with a prerecorded emergency button press. In the event that the button is pressed, the monitoring center team will immediately enter the home and begin searching for the missing senior or patient. Depending on the type of system installed, some of the monitors will automatically dial a pre-determined number for an alert to be sent to the home. If no response is received within five to ten minutes, the monitoring center will again press the alert button.

While Life Alert and GreatCall monitor the medical alert system in the home alone, many seniors prefer to have a third party present during a medical emergency. There are many different options for this third party service, including specially trained personnel who can respond to a call in the home or at a designated location outside the home. These services are also much less expensive than the monitoring services. The Life Alert program offers five levels of protection, ranging from “light” to “critical.” You can also select a “custom alarm system,” which allows you to select your own sounds, sensors and features.

One thing you need to be aware of, however, is whether your Medicare Advantage Plans may cover personal emergency response systems. As long as your physician has authorized the services, Medicare Advantage Plans may cover up to the limit of your Medigap coverage. The downside to this is that your service will be limited, so if your member of the family suffers an injury or illness while away from home, the response may not be adequate.

Additionally, it may take up to 48 hours to get help if the medical alarm is triggered by a medical emergency, versus just minutes with a monitored service. If you are concerned about Medicare Advantage Plans that may cover this type of service, contact your representative. You can also check with your insurer to find out whether your plan covers this type of service.

If you’re looking for a product that can provide peace of mind during times of trouble, consider having Life Alert or GreatCall installed in your home. These two essential products allow families to secure their own health in the event of a medical emergency. Both of these devices allow you to connect with a toll-free phone number, where you can be connected with a live operator. With medical emergencies growing in severity and frequency, you can rest easy knowing that your medical device will always be ready to aid you in any situation.

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