What Makes up the Dogs Food Chain?

The German Shepherd dog is known for its intelligence, hard work, and stubborn streak. A dog from the “food chain” would have to be intelligent, hard-working, and a little stubborn to make it on this list. But with proper exercise and nutrition, a dog from the food chain can reach the top of the food chain. One such breed is the Border Collie.

Dogs Food Chain

A lot of people say that German shepherds are the “food for dogs”. That is because these dogs are said to be friendly, easy to train, and very affectionate. These traits are why they make great family dogs. But these are also the reasons why many owners of German shepherds like to feed their dogs with table scraps. All shepherds love table scraps because they contain protein, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates.

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However, just feeding your dog with table scraps might not be enough to maintain a healthy and active life. As in humans, a dog needs certain vitamins and nutrients to maintain healthy body weight and strong bones. Likewise, dogs also need carbohydrates to help them digest their food and remain energized are mandarins good for dogs. And German shepherds are known to be lactose intolerant, so feeding your dog milk or formula is also not advisable.

If you still think that a German shepherd can get all the nutrients he needs through table scraps alone, then you’re wrong. A good combination of table scraps and quality dog food is the only way to keep your dog fit and healthy. This is where dog training collars come into play. Dog training collars help a dog to control his bowel movements.

A dog training collar is actually a harness with a leash fastened to it. It has a sensor that will trigger a stopwatch when the collar’s leash is tightened, thus giving your dog a wake-up call each morning. Then when the dog gets to consume his food, he will hear a beep. If he goes in the right direction, he receives a treat. But if he goes in the wrong direction, then he gets punished. Thus, these dog training collars help your dog to learn when and how he should behave.

There are different types of dog training collars available for different dog breeds. You can opt for electronic types which give continuous feedback to the dog. There are also the traditional collars with weights which provide constant pressure on the dog’s body. Dog training collars thus help a great deal in making the dog obedient and manageable.

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