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The movie itself, The Ninja Assassin, is very well done. It’s filled with action and mystery that keep you on the edge of your seat. Watch Ninja assassin full movie online for free right here on YouTube. This is a movie I highly recommend and one that you should definitely download right now.

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You see, the movie takes place in Bangkok, Thailand at the beginning of 1970 and it is about a thirty-two-year-old American called Johnny Utah who becomes a double agent for the Special Forces. He’s there to spy on and kill the enemy without letting his own identity be known as he works with many other Americans as part of his assignment.

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There are many interesting plot twists throughout the movie as Johnny Utah’s true identity is revealed heartland filming location . There are many different martial arts moves that are demonstrated by the movie such as multiple fake deaths, explosions, and much more.

As you watch The Ninja Assassin online for free from YouTube you’ll discover many cool moments including the car chase scene, the helicopter sequence, and many others assassin movie. These moves are so realistic-looking that you may not even be able to believe that they are for real.

This movie is directed by Mike De Luca and written by Peter Hampton. Both of these guys are quite famous for their work in the horror genre, so I’m sure you will enjoy this one a lot. The only problem with this movie is that it was not released on the DVD because it was too long but you can always download and watch it on YouTube.

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