Using the Smart Whip Nitrous Oxide Kit With Your Car

The Smart Whip Nitrous Oxide Kit is a lightweight, small, and easy to use nitrous kit. The product comes with a stainless steel spring-loaded butt cap, an aluminum tank that attaches to the stainless steel butt cap, and a silicone sleeve that fits around the entire tank. To use the kit you simply add your fuel (your choice) to the tank and attach the Silicone Sleeve to the fuel tank. You then place the butt cap over the tank and snap it closed. It is very simple and quick to use.

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Smart Whip Nitrous Oxide

The larger size of the Smart Whip Nitrous Oxide Kit comes with a larger butt cap, which also acts as a charger. After applying fuel to the tank it will produce a much stronger stream than that from smaller cream chargers PowerWhip. The larger nozzle produces a much wider spray which means you get more bang for your buck! This is perfect for using indoors where large cans of fuel may be too large to get a good job done. Another nice feature is the adjustable spray pattern that is included, allowing you to use a wider or thinner streamer to cover more distance.

Final Words

These are two of my favorite new products. My favorite thing about the smaller version is the fact that you can use it indoors and outdoors. The smaller version is a much more powerful and efficient food grade nitrous oxide charger, and it produces a much broader stream. These two products are great for anyone who is looking for a simple but effective way to convert their car to nitrous oxide fuel.

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