The Jay Skips Norwich Boot Range

The name Jays Skips Norwich is synonymous with quality workmanship, and the company itself was founded over a century ago. The most famous of the boots being sold by them are the Nantucket boots which were created specifically for the Norwegians Skip hire norwich. The brand has continued to grow in fame as more people have started buying their boots. They have many famous models such as the famous “Fisherman” boots, which are used by men and women alike all over the world. These boots are available in different colours such as black, brown, navy blue and pink.

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Jay Skips Norwich Boot Range

The boots that Jays Skips manufactures are actually made from high quality materials, using traditional processes and techniques. The company also makes sure that the manufacturing process that they use will not cause any harm to the environment. All of the products that Jays Skips produces are made to last and the quality will last for years to come. In fact, many models will last for up to 20 years and then you will have to get new replacements. This shows just how much attention and care is taken with each of the boots.

Final Words

The average price of the boot ranges from a few hundred pounds upwards. However, there are some styles that cost less than a few hundred pounds. One of the most popular styles is the “curved shaft” which was originally only available on white shafts. The brown boots are another popular choice and they can be found being sold for around the same price as the other models. Although, they are not as comfortable as the other models, people who have worn these will tell you that they feel much better.

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