The Holistic Approach to Addiction

The most effective approach to infection is to identify the root causes of the illness and provide advice and use natural procedures to remove these causes and cure. The holistic strategy focuses on recovery. It treats disorder because”dis-ease”- an imbalance in brain, body, and soul. The holistic approach offers advice and approaches to re-balance thoughts, body, and soul.

The Holistic Approach to Addiction

Likewise, addictions demand an imbalance of brain, body, and soul. The holistic approach is to cure the dependence, to undo it. To do so, we have to remove the root causes of the dependence and re-balance thoughts, body, and soul.

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To do so requires exact information and special methods. Including advice and processes with respect to spiritual practices such as meditation, astrology and visualizations, energy body cleansing and healing, positive thinking Methods, psychological discharge, detoxification, nutrition, stretching, and exercise,

The holistic strategy includes some components utilized in the twelve measures – particularly connected to the religious elements of the twelve measures best kratom leaf. The twelve measures were created by Alcoholics Anonymous and afterward utilized additionally to treat drug dependence. However, the holistic strategy goes past the twelve measures.

The holistic strategy also utilizes love to cure. To a fantastic extent, it’s a lack of love that contributes to dependence (a lack of love of the enthusiast by other people and a deficiency of self-love). So, the antidote to a scarcity of love is much more and more love, kindness, gentleness, optimistic words and expressions and favorable energy – the power of boundless, unconditional love. Love heals.

The main causes of dependence are religious, psychological and energy issues. These cravings and thoughts are brought on by adverse changes in bran memory and brain wave activity. These changes are brought on by religious, psychological and energy issues. Hence, the remedies have to be religious, psychological and vitality.

They also have energy recovery through Reiki. Bio opinions and hypnosis also assist. These methods work on the subconscious mind and body.

Thus, let us analyze the source of dependence. First of all, dependence involves a powerful energy attachment into the addictive substance or behavior. The powerful energy attachment negatively affects brain chemistry and brain wave action and compels continuing, continuous craving.

Traditional medicine focuses on the mind, behavior and pharmaceutical medication. It calms the power body, the subconscious mind, and organic remedies. Connected to dependence, it focuses on energy and subconscious thoughts. This contributes to continuing negative thoughts and emotions, very low self-esteem, behavior issues, compulsions, dependence, and craving.

Everything starts with the body. The body is the chair of the subconscious mind. In a fresh and wholesome energy system, the spirit is totally joined to the soul and the energy body is undamaged, clean, bright and lively.

Lifeforce energy flows to every cell of their human body and mind via the blood vessels. When an individual’s energy body is clean and healthy, that individual’s brain chemistry and brain wave activity are balanced and normal.

The energy body becomes damaged from injury. The injury may be youth or adult trauma. Trauma rips apart the body and contributes to”soul” reduction. Soul loss entails some disconnection or congestion which divides the soul from the soul and causes fractures and fissures to form in the air. Energy blockages and vitality attachments ensue.

The impacts of trauma frequently make the individual to never feel complete, balanced, calm or joyful. There’s a reduction of internal power, electricity, and self-esteem. There’s a void that has to be filled with anger, fear, bitterness, insecurities and/or guilt that has to be assuaged. The dependence often fills the emptiness and calms raw, unwanted emotions.

Many times, injury causes a tough shell that forms around the center which then needs to be de-armored through energy recovery. The center or heart chakra has to be unblocked to be sure the stream of calm, life force energy within the human body and mind for recovery. The solar plexus chakra has to be unblocked to reinforce one’s self-respect, energy, and power.

Many times, injury contributes to depression and nervousness. Addicts tend to be depressed and nervous. These modifications affect behavior.

The very first step to reverse dependence would be to admit it, want to reverse it and also devote to reverse it. The next step is to consider the dependence that can be reversed and also to concentrate your whole being on reversing the dependence.

Concentrate on attain equilibrium and enjoyment, to feel complete and whole, to attain and maintain internal peace, peace of mind and pleasure. The brain and will, when concentrated, are extremely powerful recovery tools. It’s also very important to develop abilities to handle stress because stress frequently drives us to dependence.

First, surrender the dependence on God and the Divine. Close your eyes and center yourself on your heart/heart chakra and state” I’m addicted and the dependence is too strong for me. I call on you God and the Divine angels of Light that are about me and I concede my addiction for you and request your aid. My addiction is outside of my hands. I want your aid.”

I shall end this dependence with your help.” Know in your heart that this is achieved and your birthright will be healthy and happy.

Then take the actions to attain happiness and balance. This requires internal work. At precisely the exact same time, flush out and then discharge all saved negative emotions. This is accomplished via visualizations.

These visualizations will be certain that the traumas no more possess a psychological grip on you. Close your eyes and center yourself on your heart. Imagine that every injury, one at a time, and all associated negative emotions are on your hands. Afterward, with open palms to the skies, imagine that you simply lift those traumas and negative opinions out of you and provide them to God and the Divine. Request God and the Divine to take such traumas and negative emotions out of you. Feel them lift you off like a weight has been lifted from you.

Imagine that every injury, one at a time, is at a glass ball which awakens in front of your body and can be attached to a body with a power chord. Then imagine that you set your hands in addition to the soccer ball. Now, through your implemented will and aim, thrust the visualized ball deep to the floor with your hands. Really thrust the visualized ball deep to the floor.

Imagine the energy chords which link you to the trauma-ball snap and drop away as you push the ball deep to the floor and say”Be gone. Deep into the floor, you move.” An alternate visualization would be to see yourself putting every one of these traumas in shoe boxes and throwing them down an open nicely. Feel and see the power chords which attach you to those shoeboxes snap and then drop away because you toss them down the well.

Once you perform these exercises, send visualized white light in your heart to such traumas to cure their grip.

Thus, you flush out and give up the unwanted and fill up with all the favorable. Breathe in energy. Draw in favorable energy using white lighting visualization. Breathe deeply in your heart and chest through your nose. Imagine that with every breath you’re breathing in visualized white light because of pure unconditional love. Relax. Breathe in white light and then push it out a foot or two out of your own body and wait there with the intent of increasing your vibrations and burning all unwanted energy. Envision your body surrounded and filled with white light.

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