The Collecting of Challenge Coins

A coin is usually a small flat, circular piece of either metal or plastic intended primarily as a mode of monetary payment or as a mode of currency exchange. Usually they are issued by a central government and are made in large amounts at a central mint to facilitate commerce. Sometimes coins are issued with images, texts, or numeric on them as well. These coins are known as challenge coins.

Challenge Coins

The coins are often collected not only as a form of investment but also as a display of one’s patriotism or culture cheap custom coins. They can be handed down from father to son, grandfather to grandson, or just kept in the family wallet or purse as a souvenir of a life lived.

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They do not usually come up for sale, except in the case of the coinage of the French nation, Canada. But the tradition of challenge coins goes back at least a thousand years to Ancient Egypt. There the tribute of coins was given to the gods as repayment for whatever service they had rendered.

Today, some of these coins are still handed down from father to son, grandfather to grandson, or kept as mementos of past events, such as a wedding or an engagement. Many people enjoy collecting challenge coins. They find the stories behind them entertaining and the beautiful design sometimes enough to keep them in their collection for a long time.

When purchasing these coins, it is important that you know the age of the coins in question as some older coins may not be accepted by some credit card companies. It is also important to be sure that the recipient will be able to accept the coin as it comes through the mail if it is something of this nature.

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