The Architects Role on Your Construction Project

Its a courageous person who takes on itself build without the assistance of an architect. When there are off-the-shelf programs available for tens of thousands of different sized and styled houses it may still pay at the future to hire a specialist.


When you cite architect to the majority of people they envision that the man sat at work using a drawing board and pattern designing his most recent job but there’s more to their own services compared to that.

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To solve his penalties the builder breaks his role on your fantasy construct into 5 stages and those are:

The Fantasy. In the beginning, you’ve got fantasy and it’s the architect’s task to ensure it is possible and transfer it to the drawing board. This first phase sometimes takes some time and you’ll probably meet regularly to go over thoughts and workarounds smallspaces. He’ll provide sketches and a quote about how much the construction will cost.

The Style . This is the place where the fantasy takes more contour. Again you’ll be working closely with your architect since he’ll want one to select more detail.

Things like kind of windows, heating system, doors, etc., are added in this point as is defining the dwelling spaces. Sketches will be redone in scaled demanding drawings along with your architect will even upgrade the quote because of this stage to a more precise price of the overall price.

As soon as you are happy with the plan phase your architect will draw up the designs to your contractor.

Your architect will help in choosing a pool of organizations to accept calls from. He’ll understand the quality of work of the majority of the regional contractors so is in a ideal place to assist you in the decision procedure. He’ll leave the last choice to you but can help negotiate cost and draw up the contracts.

Your builder will make site visits to advise on quality of workmanship, and discuss change requests with the builder, make alterations to the programs etc.. This is especially handy at every payment period. For example your initial payment is due when the bases are in.

1 important note concerning the build procedure is that your architect can see and advise you however he isn’t liable if after a flaw is located.

The AIA says this concerning the topic:

“The architect doesn’t supervise construction. The builder rather than the builder is solely responsible for construction procedures, means, techniques, sequences and processes.”

Fundamentally this means that if your contractor will advise you on the job being done by the contractor it is the contract with the builder which is going to be under scrutiny ought to defects be located in a later date.

As you can see there’s far more to the function that your architect plays on your dream construct than you initially envisioned and it may pay in the long term to have an expert at the end of the telephone.

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