ProLine Painters in Cape Town, South Africa

The professional artists of ProLine Painters in Cape Town, South Africa are renowned for bringing some of the best pieces from traditional African art to modern, contemporary designs. Many of their clients choose traditional tribal art and handcrafts made by women, as well as works from other cultures and countries.

ProLine Painters

Some of the most popular items include masks, knives, ceramic sculptures,s and sandstone sculptures by new orleans painters. These handcrafted pieces are then completed by modern, artistically inspired artists who use traditional Indian, Tanzanian, and African techniques and materials.

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Many of the ProLine painters are from humble beginnings, struggling to make a living selling their work, but slowly making it their bread and butter painters cape town. They work from home and establish a trusting relationship with many of their local and international patrons. These patrons usually want to buy one piece at a time, while others want a large collection.

Artists who are not paid enough, or who do not have a good enough reputation to sell their art in reputable venues, will often work at the margins to make ends meet. With this risky but rewarding business model comes the promise of a better future for these artists.

ProLine painters in Cape Town continue to promote world-famous African art, with many traveling around the world to display their work at various art galleries and exhibits. They hope to inspire young people to use their creativity to help change the world. They feel that there is room in Africa for many more creative people, and with your help, they will leave their mark. Help us make this a reality.

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