Polyaspartic Flooring Solutions and Your Garage Floor

Polyaspartic floors are known for their wide range of benefits, and the polyaspartic system is one of the newest types of artificial flooring available. It is the latest innovation in a technology-driven marketplace where consumers are continually searching for new materials that perform better than traditional materials while being easier to maintain and repair. If you’re considering installing synthetic or composite flooring, then polyaspartic flooring may be a good choice for you.

Polyaspartic Flooring Solutions

Polyaspartic floors are extremely versatile, impact-resistant, and leaves you with an extremely bright-looking floor with an ultra-high-gloss finish which lasts long. There are basically two reasons why polyaspartic flooring has become so popular over time. First, it uses an extremely dense foam core that acts as a layer of insulation between the concrete and the underlying structure. Second, it uses epoxy resins which form a protective coating over the top of the foam core.

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The epoxy coating on polyaspartic flooring consists of both resin and an odor absorber. Resin comes in two varieties, either a clear variety or a colored one Polyaspartic flooring. Clear varieties emit a light film of saponified alcohol, which allows cleaning solutions to penetrate more deeply into the surface of the floor. Colored varieties use a white pigment and a thickener, which allow the coating to bond tightly to the concrete and provide a glossy look.

In addition to the resin and an odor absorber, polyaspartic coatings also feature an anti-static agent, commonly graphite. The agent has the added benefit of not attracting dust like other typical adhesive coatings do. However, the most common type of anti-static agent is the presence of graphite.

While graphite does add wear and tear to the floor when it is used continuously, it also allows dust to settle on it, making it a non-marking surface. Graphite can be used in conjunction with anti-static agents for a combination of protection and comfort.

When looking for flooring solutions, it is important to keep in mind that polyaspartic flooring solutions are more expensive than other types of epoxy floor solutions. For this reason, they should not be installed by homeowners who are tight on their budget. Instead, it would be more economical to hire a contractor to do the installation for you. Fortunately, there are plenty of reputable contractors out there that are able to do the job quickly and correctly without cutting corners on the quality of the materials used.

Another thing to keep in mind when considering polyaspartic flooring systems is that a homeowner can easily create the look of an epoxy floor system without needing to spend a great deal of money. Epoxies can be purchased in large rolls and installed using a variety of tools. In addition, the cost of purchasing the concrete coating as opposed to an epoxy coating can be less than that of a single roll of epoxy.

This means that a homeowner can have a beautiful polyaspartic flooring solution installed for less than one-tenth the price of the actual epoxy itself. By keeping all of these things in mind, it should be easy to understand why polyaspartic flooring solutions are becoming the flooring of choice in many commercial and residential settings.

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