Plumbing – Know More About the Plumbers Snake

A plumber’s snake or drain snake is usually a long, flexible auger that is used to efficiently remove tough clogs in pipes. Often the plumber’s snake can be reserved for hard, stubborn clogs that can’t be loosened even by a plunger. It can also be called a bathroom snake.


In addition to its use in plumbing, it’s also commonly used by carpenters, bricklayers, and plumbers on jobs requiring the demolition of other structures like warehouses and factories of plumbers wakefield. Basically, in the hands of a professional plumber, a snake-like this could loosen even the loosest pipe blockage.

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To do the job well, a plumber’s snake must be inserted straight into the pipe or the drain, while it’s angled outward. This allows the auger to have greater maneuverability, and it also gives better access to areas where fistulas exist. A toilet paper tube is placed inside the auger, and the obstruction is located inside the plumber’s snake Plumbers in Houma La. Once the obstruction is located, the auger is released, and the obstruction is quickly flushed away with the flushed water. It really is a remarkable tool.

To clean up unclogged drains, the most common tools used are plungers, water hoses, and toilet paper tubes. However, if the blockage is deeper, including behind a pipe that connects to a drainage system or even behind the wall of a house, using a snake may be a better option.

In addition to being able to reach areas previously inaccessible, a plumber’s snake can be used to perform an inspection before beginning work, making things go much more smoothly. If you know someone who’s had a plumber’s snake installed, they’ll tell you that it’s a lot easier than trying to force a toothbrush through a blocked drain.

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