Pew Madafakas T-Shirts Specially Design

Pew Maayanas T-shirts are specially designed and printed by the renowned fashion designer, Rajesh Gopal Varma. The designer has made a name for himself designing various popular brands in the fashion segment such as Vogue, Self Magazine, Lakhme, Rediff, etc. Varma’s unique and exceptional designs have also earned him a lot of fans in the international market, most notably in the USA and UK. The reason why Varma is able to draw attention internationally is due to the fact that he usually starts his designing work from home and then proceeds to send the designs to local as well as international clients to get his designs printed on clothes.

Man, Fall, Action, Falling, Falling Down

T-Shirts Specially Design

Pew Madafakas is a rather new kid on the block in the fashion world. The company only began distributing garments in the last two months ago and has already established a good fan following among youngsters pew pew madafakas. Varma first launched the range of clothes in the city’s jewellery quarter, Haryana Vintners and has since moved to its main campus located in Indira Nagar. As per the company, the shirts are priced quite reasonably and are in demand among people living in the region. The designs of these clothes are mostly influenced by traditional garment making techniques from the state of Tamil Nadu.

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One can also choose from the wide range of unique designs offered by the company. There are basic tees available in plain embroidered and collared styles with either plain or marbled shades. If one wants to add some prints to the t-shirt, then they can opt for the ‘Prints & Pictures’ service offered by the company. Here, they can upload any photo or photograph of their choice onto the t-shirt and it would be transformed into an exclusive item. The shirts are also available in various sleeve lengths with collar snaps at the neckline.

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