More Piano Rock Songs – New Wave 80’s Edition

Here are a few of the most memorable piano tunes and riffs in the New Wave ’80s: New Years Day – U2 The older piano has an unlikely increase in the guitar-dominated group with this clip out of U2’s War album. U2 provides a very simple piano – bass – drums riff the energy they give they are normal guitar – bass – drums lineup. The briefer bites of this CP-80 provide slightly more of a guitar such as a tone, just larger. U2 also employed the piano that a fantastic impact on a different single The Sweetest Thing.

More Piano Rock Songs

These two cuts exhibit the piano beginning with all the octave lead part that kicks off the scene rock of Upon the Catwalk. Alive and Kicking includes an entire breakdown that features only piano, unheard of at a few one hits.

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Just Like Heaven – The Cure This song simply has piano throughout the solo section but what a fantastic, memorable part it’s indie rock. The Cure was famous for being a psychological band as well as the piano in this song only makes you want to get out your eyeliner and images of and ex-girlfriend and sit and weep before the mirror ’til your lashes runs.

Rush – Big Audio Dynamite This tune is in the 90’s however BAD was constructed in the Clash that was out of the ’80s (and ’70s for that matter) so BAD earns in. The main reason this tune becomes included is that there’s a whole piano breakdown from the 2nd verse. Pianos do not find a lot of these.

Rock the Casbah Since we are referring to the Clash I would be loathed to overlook this massive hit for them. Listen carefully to the way the piano is what is driving the tune the majority of the time and making it rock, along with the guitars are incorporating the taste. Normally it is the other way round.

Be Near Me ABC This strike from ABC includes a fantastic piano riff that pushes the chorus, in reality, it virtually is the whole chorus hook, that is how tricky it is.

Head Over Heels – Tears for Fears There is an epic poem riff that opens this tune which was utilized for quite a strange dance number from the film Donnie Darko.

No One Ever would be to Blame – Howard Jones Another CP-80 consumer Howard Jones has been a pioneer of performing a one-man show using just a computer keyboard setup. People told him that he was mad but he left it surrounded by a mountain of his venerable CP-80.

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