Mold Spray Remediation: Learn How To Clean Mold Off Your Floor

Concrobium Mold Remediation is an EPA-approved product that both prevents and removes mold without toxic chemicals or bleach. The product acts as a bleach-like antimicrobial by crushing mold spores in the roots and leaving behind an invisible protective antimicrobial shield that prevents future mold reproduction. Use Concrobium Mold Removal for mold cleanup and odor control on any surface for quick, convenient, effective mold removal and remediation, disaster clean-up, pre-treatments of materials and building materials.

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Mold Spray Remediation

A mold removal spray can be used on a wide variety of surfaces to remove mold and mildew mold removal sarasota. This powerful spray can be used on wood, concrete, asphalt, marble, brick, linoleum, carpeting, drywall, painted walls, and painted furniture. Spray the mold removal spray onto moldy surfaces using a sturdy, non-porous substance. Use the same consistency and strength as the original substance. You may want to use two spays if you have an area that needs to be treated in more than one room or building.

Final Words

If you are dealing with small kitchen mold infestations, you can dilute the Concrobium mold removal spray with one cup of hot water. You can also dilute it with five cups of distilled white vinegar. You should not use bleach with any of these molds, as the bacteria in the mold could become immune to the bleach after a time. For black mold infestations, you should dilute three tablespoons of the Concrobium mold removal spray with one cup of hot water. For white mold infestations, you should use two tablespoons of the white vinegar and one cup of hot water.

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