Mile 3 of the Pettyjohn Cave Survey

The next mile of Pettyjohn Cave resulted in the mining and exploration of the Northwest stream passing, the Water Fall Room as well as the Free Way using its link back into the Raccoon Room. The drier passages over the primary flow close to the waterfall were researched and mapped together with a link at the level back into the Over N Under Room.

Pettyjohn Cave Survey

From the process of reconstructing this ancient account, I’ve entered the initial questionnaire data without loop corrections or other alterations Measured Building Surveyors Bristol. When a mile marker is struck, the description will stop in the center of a questionnaire trip and restart at the beginning of the description of the following mile.

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July 12, 1969 – Richard Schreiber and Della McGuffin returned into the up-flow passing from the Luge and also mapped the flow passage for 583 ft till they reach a restricted 40-foot crawl end in a collapse. I’ve been into the beginning of this crawl and there’s absolutely no way I’d have entered this tight crawl!

Then they returned the flow to channel G193 and surveyed out and from the flow passing. This has to have been a really rough poll as the ceiling peaks indicate tons of crawling with a single stretch of exceptionally low passing of over 150 ft with just 1 place with a 5-foot ceiling. The benefit was that it attached back to the flow passage and reluctantly, in the past two-mile markers. This survey led to 1,301.95 ft T.H.C. (Actual Horizontal Cave). Overall survey span now 11,613.72 ft.

The Free Way is really a wonderful low crawl with 2 knee monitors in the sand. After departing the Free Way they attained a brief canyon passing using a side passage. At the junction, there’s a wonderful round formation of rim rock dams and water leaking from the ceiling. I had been provided a fantastic image of this creation using a salamander taken by Tom Moltz.

Leaves, twigs, and dirt were discovered nearby indicating a link to the surface. The survey lasted into the Raccoon Room in which they discovered abundant Raccoon paths and finished in the scale down to the Baroody-Holsinger Passage. This survey led to 835.77 ft T.H.C. Total survey span now 12,448.49 ft.

Then they went back into Five Points and then researched northeast to channel G187 near the peak of this Luge, then on the very top of their Luge and down to channel G266 along with the flow again. On peak of this Luge, they also researched two shots into the middle of a dome.

The poll has been launched at the conclusion of the downward flow passage and proceeded down the flow until it intersected with a bigger flow. They continued the poll now up the flow toward the Water Fall Room. The poll stopped for the afternoon at the bottom of this eleven-foot waterfall. This might have been the discovery of this Water Fall Room.

There’s a big boulder at the bottom of this waterfall which you are able to reach to high from and pull up and on the surface, however, you might be in the waterfall as you scale up based on the water level. This survey led to 1,490.37 ft T.H.C. Total survey span now 13,938.86 ft.

Then they mapped upper layer passages virtually into the waterfall region. This survey led to 1,125.80 ft T.H.C. Total survey span now 15,064.66 ft.

This trip began from the passage that’s over the Water Fall Room although not connected. After mapping this region they returned to channel H114 and studied into the Over N Under Room attaining the 3-mile mark. This passing is simple and has some fine formations. It’s also possible to fall down to the flow close to the Water Fall Room. You may listen to the waterfall once you scale down, nevertheless a rope will be asked to return up.

The first 3 miles of survey additionally closed out the initial year (1969) of this poll. I want to congratulate the following for their achievement from the exploration and survey of their initial 3 kilometers in Pettyjohn Cave: Richard Schreiber and Della McGuffin, Richard who had been on each excursion and Della who followed him on virtually every trip.

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