How to Read Ceramic Capacitors?

How to read ceramic capacitors is a question that is bothering many people. These devices are used in almost every electronic device, whether it is a car or a laptop, or even a watch high voltage ceramic capacitors. Actually, they are also used in some medical equipment such as ECG and heart monitors. These capacitors carry the signals from the source through a series of contacts on the board to an amplifier, which changes the current that goes into the wire. As you might have noticed there is a cap on the top of the circuit. This cap acts as an insulator thus a low current passes through the wire.

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Read Ceramic Capacitors

In order to understand how to read ceramic capacitors you need to know how they work. Basically the wires carry the current that changes the value from one to the other. There are two different types of transistors, which are the linear and the dynamic transistors. The reason why we use the term linear in this article is because they only go in one direction. On the other hand the dynamic ones can move in both directions thus we get the ability to use them in multiple directions.

Final Words

When looking at the ceramic capacitor you need to make sure that you see the electrolyte inside. Since these transistors only have one wire to carry the current they create a barrier around the electrolyte. The resistance is caused by the porosity of the ceramic. The more porosity the better barrier the ceramic transistors have which enables them to change their current level in either direction.

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