How Does Siser HTV Work?

The company that brought us Siser TV has come up with another breakthrough in portable televisions. Compare the ease of using Siser Easyweed to competing brands and find out why so many pros even ask for it by name in their stores. Siser Easyweed comes from the same mold as Siser TV and is a lightweight, waterproof, extremely comfortable and incredibly durable polyurethane material. It’s so easy to use and work with that even after years of use many people still call it “Easyweed”. It’s so comfortable, you won’t even realize you’re wearing it.

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Does Siser HTV Work

This amazing product uses a patented heat transfer vinyl technology that allows it to have a much deeper penetration into carpet than other competing brands. This means it has a much higher RCD rating (thermal conductivity) than most brands siser. This high thermal conductivity means it has an incredible ability to heat up from the carpet, making it very comfortable to stand directly in front of for hours on end. Most heating units with a lower R CD rating will not allow you to stand directly in front of it for hours on end, which is the opposite of how Siser HTV works.

Final Words

One of the great things about this amazing heat transfer vinyl is that it can handle all sorts of different carpet styles including velour, plain, plush, silk, and many other types of fabrics. The siser it comes in three different thicknesses: one with a one-inch core, one with a two inch core, and the last with a three-inch core. The thicknesses ensure that it will cover your entire room or house in just one application that makes it very convenient and versatile. You’ll have no problem applying it to any type of carpet, even when using high traffic areas like hallways and doorways.

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