Hardware and Operating System

Computer hardware comprises all the internal components of a personal computer, including the main case, processor, motherboard, hard drive, random access memory (RAM), hard disk, online data storage, optical drive, video card, power supply and mother board. It is the interiors of the computer that come in contact with the user’s hands. All these hardware are subject to wear and tear and thus need proper maintenance. When a new computer is bought, it is generally accompanied by a user’s manuals which explain the procedures to maintain the hardware. These manuals are also helpful in fixing minor problems of the hardware.

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Operating System

The hardware consists of many common computer hardware that is commonly used by the users. The most widely used devices include desktop PCs, laptops, servers, printers, fax machines, network interface cards, video game consoles, cell phones, and video game systems DOORS AND WINDOWS PALM SPRINGS. The operating system is the part of the computer that controls the execution of the computer software. There is a wide range of operating systems in the market. A computer operating system may be free, shareware, paid and open source.

Final Words

Hardware comprises all the hardware components that are required to build a personal computer. A typical computer system consists of CPU (computing device), hard drive, Random Access Memory (RAM) and graphics card. Hardware also comprises all the devices attached to the CPU such as printer, scanner, diskettes, modems, LAN cards, USB devices and so on. Without any operating system, a computer system is nothing but an application which perform basic functions.

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