German Shepherd Average Age and Temperament

The German Shepherd is an amazing breed of high quality working dog that originally originated in Germany. According to the AKC, its original language name is German Shepherd Dog. This breed is often regarded as a working dog and it is used for a number of different jobs including law enforcement, guide dog, bomb disposal teams, search and rescue dogs, herding, herd and herding dogs, agility, sports dogs, herding, tracking dogs, and obedience. Some other titles, the dog may have been awarded include “Furista”, “Gemer”, “Bestialer”, “Besanert”, “Dugal”, “Rottweiler” and “Hundt”. These dogs were also used in the United States military during World War II.

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German Shepherd Black Puppies

German Shepherd puppies are very active animals and they need a lot of exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization from everyone in the family to help them grow and be healthy However, you may want to know that you can breed your dog to increase its size and strength so it will mature faster and be less prone to developing health problems. There is also a possibility that your puppy may develop personality or behavior problems in its life if you decide to have him or her put to use. A shepherd puppy should have been socialized at least two years before he or she is considered for an adoption or permanent home.

When you bring a German Shepherd puppy home, you must make sure he has adequate shelter, food, water, and medical attention until he or she is fully grown. Your puppy should also be protected from other pets and from wild animals.

Final Words

Before bringing your puppy home, ask for a complete health history, temperament reports, and a veterinarian reference (if available). A German Shepherd puppy should be examined daily and checked thoroughly by his or her owner for any signs of illness or disease. If your dog shows any abnormal behavior, it is essential to take it to the veterinarian for proper diagnosis.

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