German Expressionist Painter – George Grosz

As did a lot of those German artists of this time George Grosz fought in the trenches of WWI, having volunteered for army support. In 1915 he had been discharged on medical reasons nevertheless he had been drafted from the January of 1917 because of the lack of soldiers, by which he didn’t struggle but safeguarded and hauled prisoners of war, however from the May he had been granted permanent discharge since he had been unfit for duty after a suicide attempt forced him to diagnose shell shock.

German Expressionist Painter

Having confronted his own disillusionment regarding the essence of warfare he turned his focus the bourgeoisies of 1920s Germany and also painted a series of mocking caricatures of these and people who had been in support of warfare.

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He provided illustrations for German uttered books through his engagement with the German Dada group, also became a part of the KPD, the German communist party in 1919. He had been detained during the Spartacist uprising that indicated the conclusion of the German revolution, but he escaped with fake identification documents peidmont ca painters. In 1921 he had been accused of insulting the military and has been fined 300 German marks and had his job Gott Mit uns, God With Us – a satire condemning German Society – ruined.

After spending five weeks in Russia meeting people like Trotsky and Lenin he abandoned the KPD, reluctant to live under any type of dictator and as his politics were ardently ant-Nazi. He received saying that they were to his flat and his studio searching for him so he remained in America, becoming a naturalized citizen in 1938. In this period his job become more amorous and to several this indicated a decrease.

He continued to instruct, forming a private art college in his home throughout the 1950s, and that he functioned as an artist in residence. He had been elected to the American Academy of Sciences and Arts in 1954. He returned to Berlin where he died following a fall down a staircase in 1959.

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