Future Tech Address – Can We Really Safely Assess The Effects Of Future Tech?

If you were to ever ask someone who is a futurist, inventor, or otherwise intelligent person what the future holds for our nation, most would likely tell you it is a very bright one indeed. And they would be right, but in order for us to make that future a reality, we must first learn to live in the present. This might sound a little strange, but many people go into great detail predicting the weather, the stock market, etc, but when it comes to the future of our nation and the technological advances necessary to create it we often get caught up in day-to-day life. It’s not wrong to worry about the current state of our economy, or our political stability, or even the state of international relations, but if we cannot focus on the future then nothing will ever be able to stop us from progressing as a country and we will always be at risk of future Tech disasters.

Future Tech Address

Unfortunately, there are those who believe that because future tech is simply the application of science and technology in all areas of human endeavor, everyone should focus on that rather than on trying to prevent, cure, or understand the future. Yet if we do nothing to address new technologies that arise every day, how can we expect them to come into play in our future? In fact, if we do not address the issues of today with smart solutions, we may find ourselves in the same position we find ourselves in today, but with even greater amounts of pain and suffering.’

Final Words

So, while future tech may be a bit scary, it is also imperative that we address the issues of today in order to prepare for the things that may very well be tomorrow. If we do not learn to work with and leverage the tools that science and technology give us today, then we may find ourselves in a worse situation than we are now. I hope you will please consider all this.

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