Forget My Birthday Cards? Send Some With Quotes

Ah, the classic children’s poem “Forgot Your Birthday? Now It’s What You Do” that has been a mainstay for children and young adults alike. The poem talks about how we forget our birthdays and so it should be inspirational birthday quotes. There are many ways to express your feelings and get your point across without using such a blunt or rude phrase that will cause offense. One way to do this is through birthday quotes.

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Forget My Birthday Cards

These are a great way to get your point across and share your emotions with someone else without the use of harsh words. We have all received birthday cards where the note inside says something along these lines. These cards can bring back sad memories for many people and can be very embarrassing. By using birthday quotes you can instead let the person know you are not that bothered that they forgot your special day. By doing this you are showing them that even though you may be having a bad day and maybe even feeling sad, but others out there are having more than their share of good days.

Final Words

If you want to send birthday cards but don’t want to use the classic one liners, there are plenty of other options for you to choose from. There are cards with pictures, audio, verses, poems, and just about anything else you could imagine. Use your imagination when sending these birthday cards to show the receiver how much they mean to you without using harsh and rude language.

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