Florida Phosphate Industry Officials, Poor Environmental Stewards?

Over the past few decades, Florida’s phosphate industry let several artificial severe environmental accidents happen one after another over time, causing serious ecological influences to pristine”one of a kind” environmental areas of Florida.

Florida Phosphate Industry Officials

After their serious injuries happen, business officials allow Florida’s taxpayers wind up paying in the countless recovery of those”mishaps”. The courts operate on a legal settlement (for many years ) regarding the phosphate industry fiscal and ecological responsibilities in case any.

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A number of the accidents that phosphate officials still haven’t reimbursed taxpayers for recovery prices happened so long ago water damage cleanup, many taxpayers not directly impacted have forgotten. 1 such injury is cited below.

Accidents happening for example in Riverview, FL in the neighborhood phosphate processing plant resulting in severe environmental effects to pristine shore located on brackish estuaries at the rear of Tampa Bay, close to the mouth of the Alafia River. Industry environmental security measures failed to block the phosphogypsum stack (dam) from falling through a tropical rainstorm.

The flow of poisonous waste incorporates powerful acids, caustics, radioactive substances, and countless gallons of each. The breach happened because of the absence of risk management planning by the phosphate business, in which phosphate engineering specialists warned of potential gypstack failures because of extreme rainstorms. After all, this is south-central Florida, that has a higher likelihood of tropical storms for approximately six months each year.

Industry officials make”disastrously” poor conclusions regarding their environmental responsibilities and conservation policies (1) made to mitigate business injuries into Central Florida’s landscape. Why is it that phosphate officials repeatedly on time, exhibit little consideration for their business responsibilities as environmental stewards?

Phosphate industry pros have understood what their conclusions produce more than decades but look unconcerned about their environmental responsibilities. The easy answer is politics at its best. Since the phosphate business isn’t held liable, business officials think they’re protected from the long arm of law. After all, millions of dollars have been given (spent ) annually for political favors which cover the majority of the time. It is practically a sure bet.

So it goes, the phosphate strip mining market is moving from Polk County since their phosphate reserves are now depleted. All of the ecological harm brought on by the sector as a whole isn’t being restored or recovered as Florida law demands. Never the less, Manatee County is another phosphate business’s victim.

However, Florida’s phosphate officials are refused licenses by (two ) Manatee County, another Florida County they wish to plunder to the phosphate rock it retains. In cases like this, Manatee County Florida is denying allows to strip mine the Peace River watershed since Manatee County officials understand the sector officials are inferior environmental stewards. The citizens of Manatee County also voiced their views and concerns about poor environmental decisions made by business officials within the past seventy decades.

The Manatee County Commissioners denied licenses to the business officials since the county commissioners know the consequences of strip mining crucial environmental ecosystems. It appears Manatee County officials understand that the sector practices left Polk County taxpayers to recover abandoned phosphate mines at hefty expenses. Lately, Florida’s business officials are being forced to”jump through hoops” to find mining licenses and are denied licenses by Manatee County officials.


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Florida Mines is the site for studying the unethical practices of Florida’s phosphate strip mining market.

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