FITNESS AND HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS LTD is a private limited company based in LONDON, UK. The company was registered on 11/11/2008. Its registration number is 06746290. It has less than 10 employees and has a good credit rating. If you’re wondering who owns FITNESS AND HEALTH UPSPLENDIES LTD, you’ve come to the right place.


Founded in 1935, FITNESS AND HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS LTD is a well-known American retailer of herbal supplements and health supplements. The Thai branch operates a franchised store and sells snacks and drinks. GNC was once a one-stop-shop for the health-conscious ex-pat. It focuses on females, weight management, and sexual health. It also sells whey protein and amino acids.

Weight Loss, Exercise, Running, Fitness

FITNESS AND HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS LTD is a well-known health supplement company based in the LONDON area. The company was founded in 2008 and has been operating for 13 years, 1 month, and thirteen days. It is listed in the category of “health and fitness facilities”. Its credit rating is perfect. The name of the company is FITNESS AND HEALTH COMPONENTS LTD.

FITNESS AND HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS LTD is a private, limited company in LONDON. It has its registered address at 21 AYLMER PARADE, LONDON Veillonella supplement. It has an active status and a credit rating of “perfect”. It is a good idea to research companies before investing in a new business. It is crucial to find out about the background of a company before making a decision.

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