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There are many possibilities of advancement within the field of Urban Atlantic careers, from an entry-level position to a highly regarded executive role go to scott. Urban workers in any of the fields described above can use the programs that the City offers to further their education and build on their skills to secure promotion to management-level positions. If you have already obtained certification or you are considering pursuing an advanced degree, the City Colleges and Training Programs can help you get the necessary training to prepare you for a new level in your career. Programs in the fine arts, business, and other academic fields can help you find a rewarding career with a rewarding employer.

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Urban Atlantic Career Options

In particular, those interested in Community Service can use the Arts Council of New York (ACE) and Urban Alliance training programs to build on their career skills. The Arts Council of New York helps individuals who are interested in Arts and Humanities careers to develop technical and leadership skills that will prepare them to be effective leaders in their field. By participating in ACE programs, an individual demonstrates a commitment to community service and diversity. This is part of the council’s vision to advance the arts in all its forms. As a council member, you can be an active part of this vision by participating in ACE programs. If you are looking for employment opportunities, you can get a job with the New York City Schools Department of Cultural Arts where you will assist teachers and students in the areas of arts education, music, dance, theater, and film.

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Those interested in a diverse career can pursue training through the Urban Enterprise Program (UCP), which works in collaboration with New York City and the private sectors to connect fresh ideas and energy to current practices in the industry. As an associate, you will work one on one with executives to explore best practices and identify new opportunities. After completion of the program, you will be well prepared to launch your own business or join the ranks of experienced professionals already established in the field.

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