Emf Sauna Test Results In 2021

Just like many other things in life we want to save money, so we did an end sauna test. I have to tell you from personal experience, this is one of the most uncomfortable things I have ever done. The following day I received an email from a brand named Consumer Cellular; they were sending me a brochure on a new type of cellular phone. In the brochure, it listed all the carriers and the name of each carrier. So needless to say I began to search for which wireless carrier had the best deal on this new phone. The next day I wrote a review of the phones and this is what I came up with;

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You see, I had decided to do an end sauna test and compare the prices of the different brands of home saunas, ionic saunas, etc.. That is exactly what I was doing, and I wanted to find the cheapest, or least expensive home sauna I could find. The next day after personal Facebook messaging, and emailed the top 8 direct mail companies right on to my screen to inform them that I was looking for a home sauna, and wanted to take one of theirs. They all sent me nice emails letting me know how great their service was, and how great their prices were.

Test Results In 2021

So, let’s talk about the comparison. The first thing I looked at was the brands of the emf heaters, and this included the types of emf emitters. Infrared saunas use the same kind of emf emitters that are in tanning booths, so this was not too hard a decision to make Influence Sauna. What I noticed is that most of the infrared saunas and the home saunas all emitted the same amount of radiation, but the newer cell phones and laptops emit a slightly higher amount of radiation than the old ones. This seemed to be the biggest difference, and maybe it’s why I got a little confused about the self-tests.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, and I asked myself why did the end companies have to use the same technology that cell phones and laptops use? The company probably has hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on research, and they definitely have tens of thousands of Research scientists to answer our questions. Why would they want to duplicate the results that we already have? Well, that’s another story, but in the meantime, let’s look at the other 4 home use brands of emf heaters.

After doing my own emf testing and comparing the results I got from all of the brands of saunas, ionic, infrared, etc., it seems the best choice is the ionic/infrared saunas. They all emit the same amount of radiation, but the difference between the brands are greatly diminished when compared side by side. That is not to say that the other models don’t work, because they might, but the ionic/infrared ones are much more efficient.

Final Words

There are also home sauna manufacturers that have created models specifically to be more efficient. Some have triple chambered heating chambers, which allows them to emit a higher temperature over a smaller space. They may cost a bit more but are worth it if you are using a sauna and need to get the best possible results for your body. I recommend looking into all of the different home sauna brands and matching the best one for your needs, whether it’s to detoxify your body, to relax sore muscles, or to warm your skin on a winter’s day.

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