Driving to South Akumal In the Cancun Airport

When remaining in Akumal, you’ll realize that leasing cars supply an economical form of transport in the vicinity of the town. It’s possible to take the direct path and move from the Cancun airport to Akumal through Highway #307.

Cancun Airport

Akumal is a simple drive on a well-maintained four-lane divided highway in the Cancun airport. We’re situated 100 km southwest of the airport, which extends to a 1 to 11/2 hour drive.

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Simply adhere to the Playa del Carmen exit signals south on the roadway. Within 20 minutes, you can quit in Puerto Morelos for gasoline or a convenience shop cancun airport to tulum shuttle. Though many filling stations can be found in Mexico, it is almost always a fantastic idea to prevent if you’ve got greater than a quarter of a tank of gasoline left.

Additional along highway 307, you’ll pass through Playa del Carmen. There are various eateries here too as mega niches. Do not head over 80 kph since they utilize radar broadly. They love them in this entire place.

Once you pass Puerto Aventuras, you’re just 10 minutes in the Akumal overpass.

For to South Akumal assesses your odometer in the overpass at Akumal and traveling just 4 km past Akumal into the reunite at Bahia Principe then go back towards Akumal for two km where you may observe the driveway for South Akumal (Akumal Sur).

If you would like to visit North Akumal just earn a U-turn at the very first return following the overpass and turn right on the overpass. This rack is a perfect spot to get a regional map of this area for present and future reference throughout your journey!

The outside market might be available, and really is a fantastic area to get some fresh produce to get a sample of the local fare. If you neglected to make reservations prior to coming in Akumal, the data stand will also have the ability to send one to some fantastic regional institution.

One thing to note about the motorists in Mexico is that celebrating stop signs is deemed optional. Taxicabs appear to have the right of way, and it’s ideal to simply stay patient and allow the other drivers to do exactly what they want.

Defensive driving is the main ability when operating a vehicle in the vicinity of Akumal. Should you’re feeling fearful driving in a foreign territory, maybe you need to hire cab driver.

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