Digital Pianos – Which Brand Should I Buy?

Ok, you need to purchase a digital piano. You’ve seen plenty of audio stores and attempted lots of electronic pianos out. You’ve been given plenty of contradictory advice and do not know what to do!

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Digital Pianos

  • This is regrettably what many shoppers encounter when They Wish to buy a digital piano and they visit their
  • Local piano store equipped with a couple of print outs from the web but insufficient understanding casio gp300 or the perfect information to make an informed choice.

Go Looking for electronic pianos

  • You enter the neighborhood piano store and are faced with a lot of electronic pianos, distinct styles, colors, shapes.
  • You need some guidance but sadly the information you’ll receive from the salesman will always prefer the stores’ gain on your own.
  • You see a single piano store and they urge the Roland electronic piano -“it’s the best digital piano round by much, fantastic sounds and it feels and plays exactly like a real piano” they state.
  • You say”What about the Yamaha, I’ve heard it is an excellent piano too?” Then they sit down and play with
  • that the Yamaha and the Roland and convince one that the Roland digital piano is definitely better than the Yamaha.
  • Why do piano stores always work to push a specific version or a certain brand?
  • Well the purpose for this is they are either eager to eliminate a version or they’re
  • only making more money on a single brand than they’re another.
  1. You trot off to a different piano store to find more information and also to compare costs.
  2. And you’re faced by a similar setup. The salesman, for example previously, shows one of the unique electronic pianos
  3. and informs you the Casio is the best digital piano rather than the Yamaha, and surely not the Roland. The Roland electronic piano is way more expensive!
  4. You explain you’ve just been to a different piano store and have been advised that the Roland digital piano is much far better than the Yamaha, and the Casio is nowhere near as great. “They do not understand what they’re referring to” the salesman says. Now you’re completely confused and walk from the store somewhat mad.

In case you’ve undergone the above and therefore are in the very end of your mind, I am here to assist and give you unbiased information on which electronic piano you ought to think about, the values of every one along with the strengths and flaws. Read on…

More Yamahas are offered than any other electronic piano with a very long way.

Yamaha put in so much effort to produce their electronic pianos (called Clavinova) noise and feel as near a real piano as you can, the audio sample they use for their electronic pianos is taken in their concert grand piano.

Advice: go right ahead and purchase any Yamaha electronic piano in the scope.

You ought to be in a position to obtain a Yamaha digital piano on the net for approximately 20% off.

The Casio digital piano has improved enormously over the prior couple of decades. The Casio digital pianos were believed fair a couple of decades before, but today their improvements are so good that they are regarded as among the greatest digital pianos on the market nowadays.
Advice: Excellent value for the money! You may wish to take into account that the Casio Privia digital piano array if you’re short of space.

You ought to be able to locate some fantastic bargains on the net.
Casio digital pianos normally sell for approximately 28-30% off RRP.

The Roland electronic piano is constructed with quality and generates nice piano tones, particularly round the middle of the computer keyboard. The noise is somewhat thin and untrue round the centre to high treble though.

Roland has ever been proven to appreciate their brand exceptionally tremendously and won’t lessen their costs if it signifies the quality of the electronic pianos will be jeopardized.
The audio sampling for your Roland digital piano is obtained out of a Steinway concert grand piano.

Cost: Fundamental modesl begin from RRP #899. Costs appear to get fixed online so that you won’t have the ability to receive considerably greater than 5 percent off RRP. You will likely receive a better bargain on a Roland digital piano out of the regional music store.

They do create a restricted selection of digital pianos offering functions like this Casio digital piano.
Korg digital pianos are very reasonably expensive however their functionality falls short of their Yamaha, Roland and Casio digital pianos.

Rating: 4 from 10.

Advice: Would not really look at a Korg digital piano, but some folks like their audio.

Cost: Fundamental versions start from RRP #999. You ought to be in a position to purchase a Korg digital piano on the internet at about 30-35% off.

Hugely hyped up electronic pianos! Kawai claims to have made the ideal piano act and piano audio from some wizardry potion that no other firm can acquire – complete hogwash!
I’ve tried and tested these electronic pianos outside and discover the keys are too light and spongy and the noise is quite bright, harsh and digital.

Rating: 3 from 10.

Advice: Would not really look at a Kawai digital piano, unless you’re fond of this Kawai piano audio.

Cost: Fundamental model begins from RRP #999. You ought to be able to purchase a fundamental Kawai digital piano on the internet at about 20-25% off RRP.

Gem Electronic pianos

Gem electronic pianos seem really nice indeed and also have a fantastic name. They do lack quality, however, the noise is quite bad and they give a restricted assortment of electronic pianos. The lid will create a squeaking sound and also the keys are rather noisy.

They proclaim to utilize’Drake Technology’ within their pianos – sounds impressive does not it? However, what can it be? Well, It Truly Is Only a feature to assist them market, but I do not Personally view much of an advancement in their electronic pianos.

Rating: 3 from 10.

Advice: Likely would not think about a Gem digital piano, but if you enjoy the polished ebony appearance, it’s the most affordable electronic piano in that specific color available on the marketplace.

Cost: Fundamental versions start from RRP #999. You likely will not have the ability to get a lot of discount on Gem electronic pianos, since these pianos aren’t too popular and there’s very little competition online.

Ketron Electronic Pianos

Ketron makes great digital pianos however they’re quite costly, particularly the electronic grand pianos. In case you have the cash to burn then think about these pianos, otherwise choose a few of those large three – Yamaha, Roland, or Casio.

Advice: Likely would not think about a Ketron digital piano unless I had plenty of cash to throw off, but in the event that you really enjoy the noise – a few folks do – then proceed!

Cost: Fundamental versions stars out of RRP #1299. You likely will not have the ability to get a lot of discount on a Ketron digital piano, since these pianos aren’t too popular and there isn’t much competition online.

  • Suzuki makes excellent motorbikes, but electronic pianos??
  • Yes, Suzuki is quite famous because of their motorbikes but additionally, Suzuki is hugely famous on earth
  • of musical instruments. They’re famed for its’Suzuki teaching system, they create excellent violins and bows, recorders, harmonicas, guitars, and sensible acoustic pianos.
  • Suzuki digital pianos, but unfortunately do not really make the grade. Suzuki’s noise is bad, the build quality is dreadful and the signature is quite dreadful. They’re extremely cheap digital pianos. Sorry Suzuki, however, I Must tell the facts.

Rating: two from 10.

Advice: Do not Get a Suzuki digital piano. Pease do not purchase a Suzuki digital piano. There are many other great digital pianos on the market, why do you need to throw away your money buying a Suzuki digital piano?

Cost: Fundamental model begins from RRP #799. You are able to grab generous reductions on Suzuki digital pianos (20-25percent ). Beware of the regional piano store if they’re attempting to sell you a Suzuki digital piano. Ask them how it contrasts to a Yamaha electronic piano or even a Roland.

Kurzweil are well-known for their laptops and pro audio products but maybe not too much for their electronic pianos. Kurzweil digital pianos have existed for quite a while, they’ve been largely dispersed in America up until lately. The Kurzweil digital piano is quite strong and generates a fantastic sound.

Rating: 5 from 10.

  • Advice: It may be worth trying out one if it is possible to discover a Kurzweil digital piano stockist. I’ve seen of those pianos on eBay.
  • Cost: Check eBay, since it is most likely the only place you’ll locate them on the internet.
  • More electronic pianos (not at the Exact Same league as previously )
  • These electronic pianos are a lot worse than some of the above mentioned digital pianos I’ve reviewed and should certainly not be contemplated.
  • I can advocate and Decent website That Provides detailed information, unbiased information, testimonials, and a Variety of Many of the electronic pianos mentioned previously:
    I expect that armed with the above information now you can go out and get a digital piano.
  • Do not take too much note should you believe you’re being pushed towards any specific digital piano.
    Request the piano salesman to show a few distinct piano manufacturers and make the choice yourself
    Depending on the aforementioned info and what you believe is ideal for your requirements.

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