Couch Potato Delivery Workers Get to Help People Get Cute

Couch Potato is one of the new delivery services that are starting to really take off. This company offers a free two-day shipping and delivery of any mattress to anyone in the United States. These delivery service workers make their beds in return for a tip, they help people sleep on their beds when they can’t, and they generally just help out wherever they can – and sometimes that’s just across the street from the bed and breakfast to the next town over.

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There are a lot of people who would never think of having this sort of delivery service, but the numbers speak for themselves. Each night, someone is going to come into a bed and breakfast and make their bed on the ground or get up on a stool and sleep on the ground couch potato delivery. They might even have a pillow and a blanket or two. But they can’t get a good night’s rest because there is no one to give them a good night’s rest.

So these delivery workers are out there every night, getting those good, restful slumber hours, and bringing those jobs back to people’s lives. These people need a break every now and again, and they definitely need it while they are getting paid to be around people. That is not a problem with these delivery people because they actually get paid per delivery. These guys could make about $35 an hour for a good night’s work.

Couch Potato Delivery Workers

These delivery men have a special way of getting people in their beds, whether they want them in there or not. They usually just show up unannounced, smile, and drive off with a large sack of potatoes. They can bring a truckload of potatoes to a town and drive them away in a hot truck, all while getting tips and driving around in luxury.

What these delivery workers do best is they get to sleep while they help other people. They often stay up all night because it is their job. It is a great way to earn money, especially if you are delivering for the holidays. People will always remember this delivery worker on their list of great people to help that came to their door. These delivery workers are definitely worth their weight in gold.

Final Words

When these potatoes-toting delivery people come, they bring not only a big bag of fresh potatoes, but they bring a whole truckload of them. When they arrive at someone’s doorstep, they get the person to a table, and then they start cooking the potatoes. Then the person either eats them right away, or they are dipped into a warm salt and pepper sauce to make them even tastier. When the people who ordered the potatoes come home, they can’t stop talking about how great those big bags of delicious, fresh potatoes were, and how thankful they are that such a kind and generous soul gave them such wonderful food.

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