Comparing the Services of Gold Coast Skin Cancer Clinic

“We treat the whole patient, the whole you, with exceptional care,” says Dr. S. Kamaswara Rao, CEO of Pacific Coast Skin Cancer Clinic Palm Beach, who has been treating the West Australian community for almost 15 years gold coast skin clinic. “We provide expert advice, intensive spot checks, treatment of any skin cancers, and, above all, absolute peace of mind.” Since starting out in Perth in 1985, the clinic has grown to more than 300 full-time patients, with over half of them now receiving routine annual checkups. Located just minutes from the beautiful Gold Coast, the only freeway to the city, the facility is equipped with the latest medical and surgical technology to provide treatment to all types of skin conditions.

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Gold Coast Skin Cancer Clinic

The multidisciplinary team at Pacific Coast Skin Cancer Clinic Palm Beach consists of board-certified dermatologists, skin specialists, radiation oncologists, and other support staff who work together to treat all skin conditions including noncancerous acne, melasma, freckles, rosacea, pigment disorders, satellite lesions, pustular psoriasis, vitiligo, and many others. “At Pacific Coast Skin Cancer Clinic, we believe that everybody has a right to live a long and healthy life, free from the threat of cancer,” says Dr. Rao. The oncology team not only offers advanced treatment options and diagnostic testing but also incorporates nutrition into the patient’s cancer management plan. “This helps to ensure that our cancer patients are given the very best chance of beating their disease,” he explains. Since the staff is available round the clock, the cancer patients can return to a normal life if the need arises.

Final Words

For those considering cosmetic procedures, Dr. Rao recommends the services of a local surgeon who specializes in the field. “They will also understand your personal expectations and needs and be able to offer you the kind of solution that will help you achieve the optimum results with the least possible effort and risk.” To get the most out of the services provided by the Gold Coast skin cancer clinic, it is wise to select a doctor who is willing to listen to what you want and do the most for your particular condition. To contact this establishment, just give them a call or drop by their facility to get the information you need to make an informed decision.

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