Causes of Dry Lips – What They Are, and How to Take Care of

Our lips are among the very first things people see when they look at us. The very last thing we need is cracked, dry lips. After all, who would like to kiss this? Add to this the fact that dry lips are painful and annoying, and the majority of individuals will be prepared to do anything to repair the issue. Fortunately, the causes aren’t tough to find, and the answers are easy enough for anyone of us to execute.

Causes of Dry Lips

Dry lips aren’t uncommon. Since lips do not create exactly the very same oils as skin, they’re a lot more vulnerable to chapping compared to skin itself read more. This means everybody will encounter dry lips sooner or later.

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The three most Frequent causes of dry lips comprise:

  • Cold: Throughout winter months, the cold, dry conditions wreak havoc on lips
  • Wind: Wind dries any moisture that your lips might have.
  • Sun vulnerability: Like every other portion of your own skin, too much sunlight can dry out and permanently harm the epidermis. But, mother nature is not the sole cause.
  • If you generally don’t have dry lips but locate your lips unexpectedly chapped, a brand new product or meals is to blame. By way of instance, if you have recently changed your diet plan, started taking a new medicine, or utilized a fresh makeup or skincare product, the change in your regular is to blame.
  • Allergies to foods frequently dry out skin, such as the lips; exactly the exact same is true for medications. Fortunately, the answer to such issues is as straightforward as stopping the usage of this annoying solution, if at all possible.

Do your best not to use products which dry your skin out. In the event the item is a drug, check with your physician first. Avoid sunlight if you don’t wear lip gloss balm with SPF protection. Although your first instinct is to moisturize your lips, do not. Licking or scratching your lips will only make the issue worse. Rather, use moisturizing lip goods, for example chapstick and lip balms.

Your question is likely what’s the best lip balm for dry lips. Many have tinted variations to give protection, moisture treatment, and the ideal amount of color.

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