Can a Cataract Surgery Supplement Help You?

As more is learned about the importance of nutrition, more are turning to supplement for the eye after cataract surgery for the benefit of good health and vision. A Cataract is an unhealthy lens shape that contributes to blurred vision and loss of vision.

Cataract Surgery Supplement

As people age, the number of tears in their eyes decreases. As a result, the vision returns slowly over time. With these two facts in mind, researchers have looked at the benefits of a supplement for the eye after cataract surgery. Here are some benefits of this popular item.

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In cataract surgery, a thin flap is made in the eye and the interior is covered with a cataract catheter. The cataract surgeon then applies high pressure with the aid of a syringe gun to force drainage of the fluid that filled the eye. This fluid often called an ocular wash, is rich in nutrients and vitamins visisharp review. The nutrients drain into the thin flap and increase the health of the eye. There is a small amount of urine that remains in the eye from the cataract surgery, and it is this waste that can be flushed out with the help of eye drops.

While there are eye drops designed to flush out the fluid, there are also natural supplements available. The most common supplement for the eye after cataract surgery is the B vitamins. These include Biotin, B6, and E. Each of these vitamins is associated with a specific fruit or vegetable. Some research has indicated that leafy green vegetables like spinach may help to improve eyesight. However, it is recommended that any such recommendations should be discussed with your doctor.

Additional supplements that may be recommended include zinc, magnesium, and selenium. These all are associated with vitamins A, D, and E. All three of these are also important for healthy vision. Some research indicates that amino acids may help improve the health of the eye. Some amino acids are believed to work like steroids in the body. If they stimulate new cells or bone formation, then the vision-improving effects of the amino acid may be increased. However, this has not been proven in any research studies.

There are additional herbs that have been studied as supplements to use after cataract surgery. Research indicates that chamomilla and nutmeg may provide some benefits. One herb that has been studied is goldenseal. It is taken from the roots of the plant and has been shown to ease the drainage of the inside of the eye. Another herb that is commonly used for cataract relief is grapefruit seed extract.

Whatever form of supplement you choose, it will be better to take one at a time. Eye doctors are able to determine the best dose based on your specific eye health problem and age. As always, you should discuss any supplements that you are considering with your family doctor. Also, keep in mind that if you decide to take any supplement, you should continue to take your regular vitamins even after having cataracts surgery. This can avoid further damage to your eyesight.

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