Army Combat Uniform: Past, Current, and Potential

Since its debut in 2004, the Army Combat Uniform has gone through numerous changes over the previous seven decades. Changes have included alterations to the uniform’s layout and moving from 1 camouflage pattern to 2.

Army Combat Uniform

Thus, uniforms in MultiCam® have only been issued to soldiers in Afghanistan because 201 and the Army are currently performing evaluations to discover a new more professionally acceptable camouflage pattern.

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The brand new uniforms had Mandarin collars, Velcro fasteners, zippers rather than buttons, knee pads on trousers, and sleeve pockets rather than pockets.

UCP was another extreme change for Army uniforms. An electronic camouflage pattern, UCP was founded on MARPAT, utilized from the Marine Corps, also has a color scheme of Foliage and Alpha greens, light brown-gray, and grey-yellow brown.

Founded by PEO Soldier Systems with troops in Iraq and stateside, UCP was created to blend into urban, desert, and woodland environments. The blueprint, however, was effective in urban locations but didn’t blend nicely in woodlands OCP Uniforms. The routine’s shortage of black and this can be disruptive in urban regions, is reportedly the reason for UCP’s diminished efficacy in woodland surroundings.

MultiCam® was selected to substitute UCP after testing to get a new camouflage pattern only for the Army Combat Uniform at Afghanistan in 2009. A multi-environmental camouflage pattern, MultiCam® tips the human eyes’ perception of color by taking on a general tan or green look.

A gradient routine, MultiCam® utilizes a brownish to light tan gradient foundation, which can be divided by blue-green dotted by darkish pink and brown blotches. For optimum concealment, the camouflage pattern changes across the cloth, which disguises shape and volume.

A brand new camouflage pattern in the near future of ACU. Seasons, elevations, terrain, and soil are taken under account in analyzing. Even though MultiCam® is a part of this evaluation group, electronic patterns desert and woodland MARPAT and AOR 2 and 1 would be the other contenders.

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