5 Different Forms of Leather for Bags

The most practical kind of leather may vary with its planned usage. As an example, a leather back pack is best in cowhide since it’s quite durable and less likely to rip.

Leather for Bags

A fashionable handbag at lambskin is preferred by the ones that favor the soft texture, whilst cowhide has the power to survive the longest. Additionally, a camera case from synthetic leather is valued for not giving good durability but also a totally smooth finish.

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Listed below are Some of the popular Kinds of leather:


Cowhide leather is obviously sourced by a cow. It’s a favorite option for a vast assortment of fashion products, in addition to home furniture and auto seats Cowhide Bags. Cowhide is a durable cloth that provides long-term support and generally has a noticeable feel using a sense that’s a bit rougher. A number of the high-end manufacturers utilize the exact pricey and quality parts of cowhide to produce their merchandise, like brands such as Fendi and Coach.


This sort of leather is a bit thinner than cowhide and much more preferred on the smaller things. It’s a very soft and smooth feel. However this cloth is more likely to turn into indented, tear or scratch in contrast to the considerably more durable cowhide.


Artificial leather (also known as faux leather) gets the look similar to leather but is much more inexpensive and does not feel the same. Leather sourced from a creature obviously has cuts and scrapes. Artificial leather may give the perfect end. Additionally, it’s the ideal pick for the ones that prefer to not wear products made out of animal skin.


Patch leather identifies a kind of leather that’s composed of several tiny pieces. This leather is frequently the most cost-effective as it’s essentially composed of leftover bits. Though it can consist of top quality pieces of leather, it’s still not able to entice the most favorable rates.


Suede is a kind of leather using a fuzzy appearance and soft feel making it a favourite selection for a vast assortment of handbag styles, like the backpack fashion handbags and hobo handbags.

While cowhide has become the most typical kind of leather for producing bags or comparable accessories, you can find a couple of other exotic leather fabrics, including lizard, crocodile, python, ostrich, and fish.

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